Tuesday, October 25, 2016

"Private Rooms" choreographed by Robert Mills for Oklahoma City Ballet - An AHA Moment

With a gleaming stretch of white stage under the twinkle toes of an impressive ballet company, the dancers took the stage in this contemporary ballet that left me with tears on my cheeks. Lit iridescent pillars came down from the heavens and lit the stage in an ethereal and haunting glow. The unique movements hooked my attention from the start. The memorable and famous music captured my heart and mind. But in all the whirlwinds of each dancer, I found myself hypnotized by a soloist which was invisibly caged by the glowing rods of light. It was a dance of despair and vulnerability. Alone, he struggled with pain in his suffering, trapped in his aching temple of a body, but still kept moving as if it was the only thing that would keep him alive.

Then all of a sudden, an industrial light bulb floated down from the rafters, and he looked up at the caged bulb with hope. Hope he hadn't had before. Hope he had struggled without for such a long time. Then with a burst of awe, the bulb lit, and he stared enamored at the divine sign. It came towards his body laying on the ground. Thunderstruck, his body wrapped around the light like he had never seen such an amazing brilliance in all his life. He had such respect for this newfound hope; his body never even touched it. But in the ease his movements took, you could feel that his soul was urging to the edge of freedom. He was no longer trapped by the pillars of light that once held him. He circled each pillar, in shock that he had finally become free. Free to circle the traps that bound him. And only the divine spark of hope was the miraculous key that let his spirit sore.

I didn't even notice that many tears had streaked down my cheeks after his solo was over. But in that moment, I realized that he had perfectly encapsulated how I can feel given my Chronic Pain Syndrome I have lived with for seven years now.

We can all feel trapped and alone in moments of our own life. Where we feel that we are the only ones going through exactly what we are feeling. The loss of a family member. The end of a cherished friendship. The eternal suffering we can have to endure in this painful journey that can become our lives. The light bulb signified a hope from the divine for me. And however difficult our journey can become, we must never give up. As long as hope is there, we have a fire within us that can set us free from the emotional and mental cages that surround us. It reminds us that we are souls having a human experience, not a just soulful experience in our fragile bodies. Let the fire within you keep you dancing. There is nothing more important than this.

Thank you to the wonderful choreography of Robert Mills and the dancers of the Oklahoma City Ballet. It was truly a transcendent experience. I will never forget it.