Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Horse Slaughter now Legal in Oklahoma

I was very sad to find out that on my 30th birthday, Horse Slaughter was signed into legislation in the great state of Oklahoma. The Governor, Mary Fallin, whom I had actually liked and supported, passed this bill as a part of a "economic stimulus" plan. The same "plan" that the president himself had signed three years ago that made it legal again to slaughter horses for meat in the United States. I think it is completely unfounded that this bill would be a part of any “economic solution”. Because killing beautiful majestic creatures, where the meat cannot even be sold in this country, won’t stimulate any economic growth. It has been proven that when horse slaughter houses are opened, the crime rate skyrockets in that area. Causing more need for tax payers’ money to be spent on punishing these affected criminals. The supporters of this bill say that it will also provide laws to protect the "humane" way to kill horses, because there will be more oversight on the way they are killed. I say that there should be a more specialized law that protects the humane way to kill horses. Not just thrown in with an economic stimulus bill to promote a “better economy”. If you want to kill horses more humanely, by all means do it. One shouldn't think opening up slaughter houses will help in this matter. 
This bill should have never been signed in the great state of Oklahoma. Especially when not even one person, I repeat, not one person, has filed to open up a slaughter house for horses. I think it will promote the killing of horses, just for the mere idea that someone could make money out of it. And how will the government make sure that each and every horse that is killed the right way? It’s like saying some unbiased third party would watch the slaughter of every chicken, turkey or cow. Not likely.
I really wish Gov. Mary Fallin and Mr. Obama would reconsider their choices on this matter. I have written to them both personally. If they could simply take this out of the bill the Gov. could regain my support and the support of many more Oklahomans. If not, it could hurt her chances for reelection, just like the experts are already saying. If you believe like I do, please share this post. Sometimes it is the people's voice that needs to create the change. And if you feel so inclined, write to the governor and the president too. It’s not too late. Act now before an innocent horse is killed by ignorant politician's misguided decisions.

Thank you for your time.

P.S. You can also listen to the song I wrote three years ago on this matter. "Free the Horses"