Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day 2 - packing, packing!

To make a move easier, it's all about organization!

Getting the garage cleared out. Getting the closets in order.

So that's what we've been doing the last two days. Giving stuff away or throwing trash away that we just don't want to keep. Organizing everything into categories. Clothes, videos, music - and that's definitely the majority of what we have.

And it can be stressful, but I feel as long as you do a little every single day you'll be on a great track! It looks like we may have until May 1st as well, so that adds two weeks onto the move date. God is great! "You need more time? No prob!!"

I'm actually now, very excited about moving. Better neighborhood. New life, new memories, no experiences. At first, I was like, perfect timing! But you know, it really is perfect! I can't wait!!!