Saturday, December 11, 2010

Bringing the Music Forth

Well, I'm about a week away from finishing the recordings for my first album, Sweet Mysteries of Life. What a daunting and exciting experience. I'm oh so curious to see how it will be perceived.

Of course for me, this is just something I do for fun. I, in no way, am expecting to be the next best thing. Playing the piano and singing are things I like to do everyday, to get the inspirations flowing. It's incredible how it takes off the barriers of self-consciousness. All that armor can just fall down. So you're able to create freely, without becoming consumed with the world's perception of what you're putting out there.

First album means there is more to come, for sure. The songs just keep coming out of me, I got to put them somewhere. It's strange, I never thought I would have a hunger for something like this... ever. Being "musical" has been a part of me, but I never imagined that I'd want to create it.

It will be very interesting to see how it goes. The album is coming soon.

Keep your eyes and ears open...

"Where words fail, music speaks."

-Hans Christian Andersen

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Clean Mean Tips!

1. Always start from top to bottom. Start with ceiling fans and chandeliers first, so that any dust that falls will be cleaned up after you dust, vacuum or mop. Then curtains or anything on the walls. Then to make everything quicker, do all the glass at once. Then dust all the furniture next. It saves time not having to switch between cleaners or paper towels/rags.

2. Clean circularly. Start in one corner of the room, then work clockwise or counter, so that you'll never have to return to that part of the room to clean a certain thing again. It always cuts down on all the walking back and forth. Which can be an energy killer anyways.

3. Always start with laundry first. Ok, maybe this should be number one... but, once you get the laundry in the washer and start cleaning you'll be doing two things at once. I'd also say to do the dishes next, to put them in the dishwasher, so you could do three things at once... but if you live in a 80 year old house like me, it may explode!

4. Make your own cleaners. They can be so expensive these days. And with something like cleaning, which, yes, it's great to have a clean house, but it will just get dirty again! Save money. Google great cleaning formulas. It's amazing what ammonia and lemon juice can do!

5. Your vacuum can be your bestfriend. Sometimes instead of sweeping all the wood floors, I simply use the vacuum hose to get rid of all the dust bunnies, especially the ones that like to hide. I've noticed that the vacuum gets everything so much cleaner than the broom can. And it takes a lot less energy.

6. Remove clothes from the dryer right away. It will decrease the amount of wrinkles, so subsequently will mean less ironing... and we can all do less of that. Also, wrinkle releaser can be great for use on big items such as comforters and table cloths. As well as for everything else.

7. Setting a consistent cleaning schedule can help decrease cleaning times over time. If you clean on a certain day every week, you will notice your work load will become much less every time. Also, you can make a yearly schedule to do a hardcore cleaning. I like to do one in the spring, and one right before the holidays. Where you do things that you wouldn't just do on any given Saturday, like steam cleaning the carpets, organizing drawers and closets, cleaning all windows inside and out, etc. Every week will be more like maintenance, instead of ridiculous excessive cleaning every time.

8. Make sure you're in tip top shape before you start. Make sure you eat a big breakfast for lots of energy that day. Also, never lift with your back. Never strain yourself in any way. If you're sore the next day, chances are you won't really want to do it again. Let's face it, cleaning isn't the most fun thing in the world.

9. Daily maintenance is key. Always throw away your trash, put dishes away, put clothes in the hamper. Every night before you go to bed, try to make sure everything is in its right place. This avoids putting everything away when you start cleaning.

10. Try to make it as fun as possible. Listen to your favorite music. Put your favorite music videos on in the background. Sing along! Try anything to make it more enjoyable. This will help make it seem not like such a burden. Life is much more fun when it's clean! Trust me!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Having FAITH

A concept on my mind as of late. I know that we've fallen on hard times. And at times, it can seem endless, without a closure in sight. I know it took a lot of guts to move out here to the South. A giant leap of Faith. Husband and I survived that. I know we can endure a lot more of this struggle too. I still have Faith.

Whether we recognize it or not, we count on Faith on a daily basis. We have Faith that we're doing what's best for us, what's our purpose is, our drive, our will to keep going. (or so I hope we all do). The definition of Faith is the firm belief in something for which there is no proof. And there is no proof of the future. None of whether we're on the right paths or where they will lead us. None of whether we are doing what we're meant to. None of what our exact purpose on this Earth is. And yet, we keep going. Keep working, creating, living. This is Faith in it's finest form. There is no proof, but we have Faith that keeps us keeping on...

When most people think of Faith, there mind usually goes to the Higher Power. Now, I'm not one to judge any one's beliefs as just I hope no one would judge mine. But, I believe there is something amazing within us, around us... wherever this force is, that makes us so incredibly fearless everyday to keep trying, keep working, keep loving. This force is inexplicable. Sometimes our "better judgement" or our logical reasoning can even go against continuing, but the fires within us remain lit and burning. We can pick ourselves up and brush ourselves off... start all over again.

Our Faith can be like armor, protecting us wherever we go, whoever we meet, whatever situations we find ourselves in. When we go places, we go with a purpose, something we're looking to accomplish. We don't whether we'll be able to conquer this goal, but we go and try anyway. When we go to school, we don't know for sure whether it will makes us more successful in this world, but we go anyway. We don't know that our careers will bring us what we're yearning for, but we keep trying at them regardless. We don't know if our relationships will last forever, and yet we still working at them like they most possibly could.

I know I'm going to get through this tough time in my Life. I know that someday, I am going to be without pain. I know that everything will work out the way it was meant to. I know, deep down... that I am walking this path in the face of everything that could go against me.

This is Faith. It is fearless. It is bold. It is incredible.