Monday, September 27, 2010

Kind, Sweet, Just, Moist Hollywood

This is an actual follow-up to my first blog ever. So it's sort-of a Part II of Hollywood -- if you will.

A gonna be feature film screenwriter. That's me.

I am officialy signed with a manager now and couldn't be more thrilled. It's completely surreal and sometimes I actually have to pinch myself. And now my phone meetings are not stereo-typical Hollywood conversations anymore. They're thought provoking. Enlightening. Empowering.

So now it's "Sounds wonderful!" "How original!" or "What?! You're only 26?!!" And of course I quickly answer, "Thanks!" "Thank you so much!" and "Yes I AM!"

When I look back at the painful rejections that I experienced, it only makes me happier to know I went through it. Lived it. Experienced it. And now I'm done with one of the hardest tasks ever, to get a manager. Especially since I'm not a sold screenwriter yet. And really, I hadn't gotten that many rejections, and nor for a very long time either. So I was lucky. I am grateful. Sooooooo grateful. Bow. Bow.

And so now it's like, "Really, thank you so much for giving me the time of day from your hectic, crazed schedule to talk to me. Yes, I will write a novel first to establish a fan base. You got it. You really think I could be the next J.K. Rowling? WOW!"

And the point still is, I can't stress this enough, it's all worth it. To be your dreams come true. Sitting on the highest cloud amidst the world of chaos below. Feeling the true meaning of success rattle through your core. Seek and you shall find. Find that person that believes in you as much as you believe in yourself. And I have found him. He believes in me, my work, my career. They do exist.

Please don't believe anyone who tells you different. If you have a dream, just go after it with all that you have. Believe in it more than anything and you'll find people will follow you and believe in it too.

They were out there. I found them. Now... I really feel it.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Laughter & Tears

Isn't it amazing how our bodies actually react to the way we feel? The emotions we experience? The events we witness?

I find it incredible that when we think something is funny, we burst out vocally in such a tone only described as laughter. And how it can be such a normal part of our every day. That something can be so hilarious that we uncontrollably break free and let loose this cackle, chuckle or boasting laughter. And how strange laughter can seem if you really think about it... and how it can be so undeniably good for us.

And on the other end of the spectrum, tears. That our bodies drip with salty tears when we feel sadness, are divinely moved or when we view something unbearable without tears. That we need such release that the only way to have it is to just let it flow. It can take tension away. Reveal something to us that we couldn't see before. Like when someone leaves our lives and we cry, and those tears let us know how much that person means to us.

How special we should feel to have laughter and tears in our lives. It's what makes us human, what separates us from just earthly creatures themselves.

I know I am grateful for both. I wouldn't be me without them.